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The ideal society is only a millimeter away, if you start getting active right now !!!

900 Billions for Greta Thunberg in Germany would be the only success she can get.


Dear english-speaking professors and citizens,

sorry we don´t have translations of all the media reports and of the interviews with all the other professors (please mouse-click on blue things). But you don´t need them. The texts below (A left, B right side) include all we discuss. Evolutionary biology in the tradition of Sir Charles Darwin and Prof. Richard Dawkins and biological anthropology help us 1. to understand the systems of the society as ecological niches, in which Memetic-Genetic Evolution happens, and help us 2. to find the basic problems of mankind and the solutions: How to set positive incentives to start a positive Memetic-Genetic Evolution of the health care system and all other systems too, - and how to heal the world.

Better health, more happiness, environmental repair, more safety feeling and peace are our goals. For everybody, from millionaires to average people. Please join us.


Knowledge is by no means power, but knowledge is money!


Public announcement:


Who wants the 900 billion for which goals?

Fridays for Future, the alternative practitioner

or the economy or you?


Who is the fastest and prepares first

the Federal Press Conference in Berlin?


For example, with Fridays For Future, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Greta Thunberg, Scientists For Future, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner, Entrepeneurs For Future, Parents For Future, THE WORLD´S COUNCIL OF "WISE PEOPLE"


Or instead with BDI and BDA?

Or with the two-wheeler industry?

Or with the Naturopaths Association?

Or with the associations organic food?

Or with you?


"First come first serve"


If the Fridays For Futures were the first to do so, the World Council would only make the reforms if Chancellor Angela Merkel signs a new generational contract with Fridays For Future, claiming that all the billions of dollars of savings will be spent on climate change - fast climatic turn guaranteed. If this treaty is not respected, the Council will immediately stop the reforms or the inevitable reworking of the reforms.


The World Council would also conclude a similar contract with another institution that is the first to realize the Federal Press Conference.


New world formula,

Overall Theory

(of Everything (Human))


A complete research-guiding model of human history or evolution and all its problems and solutions


The world-famous, alas already deceased Prof. Steven Hawking was also one of those who researched a world formula or a theory of everything (ToE or TOE), a hypothetical total theory (Wikipedia).

Similarly, Prof. Richard Wrangham et al in 1999 in CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, dared to outline a complete (hi-)story of the MANKIND story or evolution. The comments (for example by Kristen Hawkes) criticized this story. What could a less error-strewn research-guiding story, theory of everything (human) look like?

The new STORY:

(Not later than) 4 million years ago, loss of large canine teeth, which serve the (threatened) rival battles for the purpose of monopolizing women, as is typical with monogamists and harem owners, such as gorillas.


About 2 million years ago, the gradual loss of fur probably occurred because of the evolution towards the jogger in the sunny savannah, the dependence on the sun for vitamin D3 production and on movement increased.


Wrangham also mentioned the decline in gender dimorphism that took place about 2 million years ago. Men and women developed almost the same size and weight, and thus moved farther away from the women-monopolizer type á la gorilla (over twice as heavy a fighting machine as his women ...).


In the last several million years, genital growth of (pre-) hominids has grown from the tiny size for gorillas in the direction of the giant size of the genitalia of bonobos.


Infanticide is a great source of loss of resources.


Counterstrategies (Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, Kristen Hawkes) are important. The result was, that all men had no other choice than to behave fatherly to the children. Men took care of every child in a fatherly manner, – and women no longer killed each other´s babies.


The uncooperative chimpanzees often kill foreign group(s) (members). Bonobos and hominids, which demonstrate a high degree of cooperation, cooperate more with the neighboring groups. Mutual help and sexual contacts characterize the situation.



Bartering is invented, the FOXP2 gene spreads, speaking ability becomes more differentiated. Traders (and/or seers (ancestors of television), storytellers etc. brought by them) relate true as well as the first invented, fantasy stories by the (possible) campfire.


Homo (mercator, mercantilis) sapiens is here!

Far commercially, invented 140 000 years ago (Prof. Friedemann Schrenk), made some problems more intense:

Are invented (error) memplexes (meme-memory behavior controlling memory content, Richard Dawkins) told with content such as: The people 10 km away are evil and bad and want to kill you..., then the trader sells more (primitive) weapons and becomes the market leader and determines the spreading of memes.


Peace gradually disappears!

When storytellers say that fighting, hurting and killing is frequent and normal, or the people are told memplexes in which this is the "moral of the story," imitating aggressors and their victims get into distress, are getting nervous and want to calm themselves down. So people buy more consumer goods such as alcohol and cigarettes as a compensation for their memetically suppressed peaceful life, while this trader then becomes the market leader.


Happiness gradually disappears!

If the trader himself says and believes that the consumer goods are made from the best raw materials and would be health-promoting, but in fact they are the most inferior, cheapest, most harmful, most easily procured raw materials that have been mixed together, then this trader will become the market leader and everybody will buy from him.


Health disappears gradually!

The evolutionary direction is thus partly reversed:

In the past, true memes led to evolutionary (reproductive) success. Today, in a world where virtually everyone is trading with everyone else (exchanging their own labor, services, products, etc.), error memes lead to evolutionary success, even where shamanistic services are being traded.

Feel-good notes, security feedback notes, etc. marked with a cross at each election or otherwise collected and health-cost curves of the health insurance companies, which together determine all profit distributions, would once again reverse the evolutionary direction:

The true meme-teaching and thus health-improving doctor would achieve greater profits and have more evolutionary success; the supermarket, whose regular customers give the best feel-good notes and rarely become ill, will have the greatest evolutionary success. And so on in all areas of society. 

Similarly in the democratic system: Everyone who wants to be the Chancellor or Prime Minister of his country etc., can report to the Federal Statistical Office and Electoral Office. The electoral office invites representative voter samples to townhouses, e.g. 4 applicants speak 30 minutes and then the listeners vote. Those winning such competitions more frequently may challenge the Chancellor in the middle of the term of office. If the applicant wins this competition, there are early elections in the middle of the usual period with the usual TV duels.

Error mem(plex)es become rarer, truth memes more frequent. More competent state managers rule. The result is a world with much less war, terror, overweight, illness, lack of love, loneliness, depression, suicides, etc. Science would have proved to be the greatest service to mankind so far.


A new Theory of Everything Human and
a new Formula for Human Wellbeing


A complete research-guiding model of human history and evolution and all its problems and solutions

(Version 2, maybe with some mistakes, but easier to read?)

Great minds like late Steven Hawkins have tried to arrive at a Theory of Everything (ToE) to explain the workings of the universe. Others have attempted to derive a theory of everything human. Noteworthy is Richard Wrangham’s et al 1999 attempt in CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY in which they outlined a theory of human history or rather evolution. That story, however, was criticized and rejected. What could a new Theory of Everything Human (ToEH) look like?


Early Humanoid Evolution

Four million years ago (at the latest) our forefathers lost their canine teeth, which they had used in rival fights to dominate their pack to secure monopoly rights over the females of the group as exhibited today by harem holders like gorillas. Then, about two million years ago, our ancestors started losing their fur as they evolved into joggers roaming in the sunny Savannah. The increased dependence on movement and vitamin D3 production resulted.

Approx. two million years ago as well, as Wrangham explains, the dimorphism of the sexes started to decline and men and women achieved almost equal sizes. Our forefathers thus became quite distinct from other women-monopolizer types like the gorilla today (male gorillas are about twice as heavy as their female counterparts).

The humanoids on the other hand developed their probably tiny gorilla-like penises into the size we see exhibited today in bonobos as well.

Counterstrategies to infanticide are important for evolution because infanticides are a huge loss of resources (see Sarah Blaffer Hrdy and Kristen Hawkes). After the counter-strategies all males had an incentive to cater for the children. Women on the other hand stopped killing each other’s offspring, either.

Today, we can observe that chimpanzees kill alien chimpanzee groups or members thereof, while bonobos and the later homo erectus with their high cooperation-skills are more likely to cooperate with neighboring groups. Reciprocal assistance and sexual interchanges are the norm and groups live largely in peace with each other.


The Invention of Barter Trade

With the invention of barter trade the Forkhead-Box-Protein P2, or speech gen, spread further and language became more differentiated. The traders, or story-tellers and seers that came with them, spread real and imagined stories at the fire places and thus we see the birth of the Homo Mercantilis.

Around 140,000 years ago common trade relationships under neighbours developed into long distance trade which intensified several problems:

  • Memeplexes (behavior guiding memories, Richard Dawkins) could be used to increase sales; for example, telling group members that another group was bad and evil and wants to start an attack, would increase demand for weapons and other equipment needed in war and so peace disappears.

  • When storytellers fantasize about aggression, hurting and killing as normal and tell stories, in which this is the moral of the story, the compulsively imitating (Bandura and Walters) third chimpanzee (Jared Diamond) attacks others and he and the victims suffer from distress and nervousness and want to calm down. And consume bigger amounts of alcohol, cigarettes and so on. Compensation and satisfaction they try to find in the barters’ consumables. And so happiness and truly fulfilling lives disappear.

  • Traders also had an interest to convince themselves and to tell buyers that the consumables were made of the best natural resources that would increase health, while in truth they bought the cheapest and most sickening resources to maximize profits. Self-deception starts playing an important role. And so health disappears…

In this way evolution took a wrong turn: formerly, true memes led to reproduction success. Today, in a world were practically everybody stands in trade relations with everybody else (exchange of labor power, services and products) it is fallacy-memes that lead to evolutionary success.


A New Direction

How can we put evolution back onto a sustainable path? Grades on feelings of comfort, grades on the sense of security experienced by individuals, and similar indicators could be assessed on election days. Status-of-health curves maintained by health insurers could determine profits of health professionals so that they would be rewarded for retaining health; not for fixing diseases.

The doctors doing most to maintain health would reap the biggest profits, the food purveyor whose customers report highest wellbeing and health would be rewarded by evolution with success.

Our democratic system could be equally adopted: anybody aspiring to be a political leader would be allowed to register with an electoral office. The office would invite representative random electoral samples from the population who would vote after four aspirants had spoken 30 Minutes about their various political ideas; the citizens elect the person who appears to have the best ideas or qualifications.

Those who win such competitions several times would be allowed to challenge a current office holder, like the chancellor. If the aspirant wins this as well, new general elections are called for with the common TV-duels.

Over time, truth memes or memeplexes will replace the fallacies we have so long lived by. Competent statesmen would rule the world; a world would result with less wars, terror, kidnapping, diseases, overweight or hungry people, people suffering from lack of love and care, loneliness, depression or suicides.

This is what can be called the contribution of science to changing the world to become a better place.

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